Thursday, December 18, 2008

SHOPPING FOR CHRISTMAS GIFT 2008 – Orders Closed for delivery before 25th Dec

Dear Customers,
Shopping continues as usual here at
However, we would like to inform you that all Christmas orders that are to arrive before 25th Dec 2008 is now closed.
For all our customers who had made your order the past days and week, we are happy to tell you that our logistics had already processed, packed and shipped out all Christmas orders. The dateline given by the courier companies are 20th Dec for Christmas delivery and we had shipped out all orders by 18th Dec. A courier shipment tracking number should have already been emailed to you.
For all our customers in the United States, courier delivery for your order will be made by USPS. We ship all orders by EMS courier delivery and customers in other counties can expect your orders to be delivered by your local post office with the exception of customers in the UK. Below are the websites where you will be able to track and trace your shipment using the courier tracking number emailed to you.

United States:
United Kingdom:
Other Countries:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Paris Hilton supporting Tiffany & Co product... ...

Just looking around at and found out a cool clip about Paris Hilton.
enjoy the movie clip:

New Tiffany & Co jewelry in Silver Urban (click here)

Christmas 2008 is coming round the corner. Have you thought of the gifts that you are going to give it to your loves one. There are articles saying that guys would prefer practical products that they can be used. Examples would be mobile phone, computer accessorizes, Laptop, lifestyle gadgets products and many more. While ladies on the other side, would prefer products that they can wear or bring it out their their shopping. Examples would be branded hand bag, jewelries like bracelet, ring, cuff link, necklace and many more.

If you are surfing the net to find gifts ideas for your wife or girlfriend, then you might wish to consider paying the following website a visit:

At Silver Urban, they sell Tiffany & Co inspired products. Some of the popular products are Tiffany & C0 ring, Tiffany & C0 necklace, Tiffany & C0 bracelet, Tiffany & C0 cuff link, Tiffany & C0 earring, Tiffany & C0 tie clip, Tiffany & C0 belt buckler and many more.

Silver urban recently increase their new range of design in their collection. Some of the new collection added are shown below:
Paloma's Zellige bracelet
1) Elsa Peretti Pearls by the Yard
2) Atlas bangle
3) Frank Gehry Morph earring
4) Paloma's Zellige earring
5) Circle earrings
6) Flower lock charm
7) Naughty and Nice lock charm
8) Oval signet ring
9) Atlas ring
10) Victoria drop pendant
11) Paloma's Zellige necklace
12) Circle pendant
13) Atlas square pendant
14) Etoile heart charm bracelet

Hope you have a good shopping experience in

Team of Silver Urban wishing you a Merry Christmas 2008.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

More about Replica Tiffany Jewelry

Luxury goods are highly demand from the consumer. This industry worth billions of dollar worldwide, and the products are increasing every year. One of the well knows branded products would be Tiffany & Co, which are well known for its stylish design in jewelry. Therefore, it would not be surprise that many manufacturers are trying to immediate the products and sell it to consumer at a lower price. These products are usually known as Replica Tiffany Jewelry.

So what is replica Tiffany jewelry? There are mainly two kinds of replica Tiffany jewelry in the market. One example would be a replica jewelry that was copied exactly from the real Tiffany Jewelry, while the other replica tiffany jewelry are manufactured by using designs inspired by the Tiffany & Co Design.

In detail, the first replica Tiffany jewelry, manufacturer aims to make 100% exact copy of the original Tiffany & Co items. These kinds of replica Tiffany Jewelry investment are high as manufacturers have to purchase the original Tiffany Jewelry and use it as the mould for it replica tiffany production. This kind of replica normally have the Tiffany & Co watermarks engraved on the exact place, just like the original Tiffany & Co jewelry.

Looks do deceive! Even though the replica Tiffany Jewelry looks exactly 100% the same as the original Tiffany & Co, the material used might not be the same. The original Tiffany & Co jewelry are made of 100% 925 sterling silver. However, replica Tiffany & Co might use other materials to replace the high cost of 925 sterling silver.

70% of the Replica Tiffany Jewelry manufacturers will use alloys that made up of Stainless steel to produce their Replica Tiffany Jewelry. And the rest of 25% uses brass or copper alloys to produce the jewelry. As for the remaining 5 % of the manufacturer will use 100% 925 sterling silver to produce their Replica Tiffany Jewelry. One of the 5% manufacturers would be Silver Urban. The feeling of our Replica Tiffany Jewelry would be almost 99.9% same. The weight and fees would be the same as compare to the original Tiffany Jewelry. They can hardly be differentiated from the original ones!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A view in Tiffany & Co shop

The festive are coming.... ...
check this out... see how many people are visiting Tiffany & Co to get a silver jewelry for their present this year.

We are prepared ... ... for this festive..

My dearest customers,

Hope you have a great week end. Our team are preparing for the stock for the bulk sales in the coming festive. Compare to last year, We would like to apologize to some of our regular customers, where we are not able to ship the products to them due to the insufficient stock. However, we learned our lesson last year. We had made an arrangement in a way that you will surely received the products this year. We promise you... ...

And time is running out, ladies and gentlemen, do placed your order early so you would face the last minute preparation again. We had also increased our work force so as to serve you better. Should our online customer service officer is not around, do email us the inquiry to

Do visit us now at

Thank you ... !!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tiffany & Co's bracelet

Once again , we tried to compile some of the popular Tiffany & Co jewelry. This time round, we are going to introudce some of the bracelets from Tiffany & Co. The items name are as follow:

1) Tiffany Notes I love you

2) Paloma's Zellige bracelet

3) Naughty and Charms Lock charm and bracelet

4) Elsa Peretti Open Heart Bracelet

They are the most popular items in the bracelet category. Enjoy the design and start buying some for your Christmas gift.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanks giving comment

You must be enjoying the Thanks Giving Day... ...
We are pleased to receive quite a number of compliments from some of the clients.
Here are some of the comment they had sent to us:

~ Thanks a lot for your effort in sending the order to me on a last minute order from me. Raymond Deam

~ I love the product... ... it look so real..... i guess my girlfriend is going to love it.. Thank you. Sean

~ My mom love it. Thank you on the prompt delivery promised on your side. Jenny

~ I will be back... ... Thank you silver urban..will recommend to my friends.. Thank you. Halle

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The New Tiffany & Co rings

Take a look at some of the new design that Tiffany & Co are selling. Some of the popular name are Paloma's Calife ring, Elsa Peretti Round Ring and Oval signet ring. They have a nice finishing surface and design which make thousands of lady fall in love. Silver Urban had posted some picture for your reference. And Silver Urban are trying to get the new design for our loyal customers. enjoy the picture.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Silver Urban Video

We are proud to present our first video introduction of our video. (come on...we are still new in making video, we promise to come out with better video and sound clip on our future video, but at the moment, please relax and enjoys the design of The Tiffany & Co.

Happy thanks giving day!

Silver Urban Vs Tiffany & Co

People are telling us that replica products will never be as good as the authentic products like Tiffany & Co. As a remarks from that, Silver Urban would like to take this opportunity to show you some of our replica products quality. PLEASE do not say that we used good camera and photoshop for editing. The pictures that you see is all taken by normal camera.(5.1 mega pixel)

Enjoy the picture...Thank you

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tiffany&Co - Blue is the Color of Dreams

The Tiffany Box Project

Tiffany commercial video

Graduation Gift

Every student most wanted day will be his or her graduation day on it high school or university day. That is usually known as convocation for the ceremony. During that day of graduation, a lot of friends and family will be buying graduation gifts for the graduating person.

Graduation gifts usually range from a wide selection of items. Some are expensive and some are cheaper. One example of an expensive gift will be a businessman giving his son a new Ferrari sports car during his graduation. Other premium and yet affordable gift will be a classy jewellery from Tiffany & Co. However, a piece of Tiffany & Co is still costly for a normal friend who wish to get it for their close friend. Therefore, a grade AAAAA Tiffany & Co replica jewellery would be a good option. These graduation gifts from Tiffany & Co range from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and cuff link.

Here at, we offer a very wide range of selection of 925 sterling silver replica designer costumes jewelry. There is a library collection of 500 over design that can be present during the graduation. Most importantly, it’ll be unlikely that you will bust your budget when you shop in silver urban. All 925 sterling silver Tiffany & Co products come with a set of Tiffany & Co Box, Tiffany & Con jewelry pouch, Tiffany & Co care card and Tiffany & Co paper bag. Our product will just make your friend feel that you actually purchased from the Tiffany & Co boutique.

Christmas 08 is coming... ... gift ideas

Every 25th of the December is the day for joyful celebration and giving. This day is known as The Christmas Day, which originated after the birth of Jesus. There are millions of people globally celebrating this important festive. It is also an annual holiday in most of the countries in the world.

The Christmas Day is one special day where people exchanges or give gifts to their love ones. Therefore, we can see that at the year end, many retailers or e-tailers are busy promoting their season products to the consumers. There are a lot of gifts that available in the market. One of the popular products would be Silver Jewelry from Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Co is a renowned brand for their fine 925 sterling silver jewelry.

Even though Christmas is a enjoyable festive, there is always a headache for busy people like the professional to go shopping for their Christmas presents. Therefore, one of the solutions is to purchase the presents via online. There are so many people that you are going to give. Some of the specials people are your life long partner, children, parents, cousins, aunties, grandparent, relatives, best friend, school mates and the list just keep going... ... You got to spend a lot of time online to search for the gifts.

The GOOD NEWS is , you can actually just visit to simplify the brainstorming process for the Christmas gifts. There are over 600 designs of 925 sterling silver jewelry for you to choose. These products range from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflink, key ring, money clips and many more. All items are come in both male and females design.

Your Christmas shopping can never be so easy by shopping online at and having the presents shipped directly to your door step! In addition, the whole entire collection of 925 sterling silver replica tiffany & Co jewelry comes with a classic beautiful baby blue Tiffany & Co gift box, a pouch and a shopping bag! YES... ... all items are ready to ship in the next day!

Lastly, a merry Christmas greeting from team Silver Urban.

Merry Christmas:)

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Grade B Tiffany Replicas (Part 3)

This is the second best grade after Grade AAAAA Tiffany & Co Replicas.These grade of Tiffany & Co Replicas look just like the original ones except that they are not produced in 100% 925 sterling silver. Although this grade of Tiffany Replicas are not made of 100% 925 sterling silver, they are often still stamped with "925" on the jewelry claiming that they are 100% 925 sterling silver. This grade of Tiffany & Co Replicas is manufactured with brass, copper or some metal alloy and is later plated with a thin layer of sterling silver. Therefore, on the surface when you see the jewelry for the first time, customer may may not be able to tell the difference between the Grade B and Grade AAAAA. However, there are some differences. These Grade B Tiffany & Co Replica, will tarnish with time and will loose its shine completely. The shine can never be restored even if weighs slightly lighter as compared to the Grade 1 Tiffany & Co Replicas that are made of pure 925 sterling silver. One of the example would illustrate would be a comparsion bewteen the 2 grades weight. A Grade B Tiffany & Co Replica weight about 32 grams while Grade AAAAA Tiffany & Co Replicas that is made of pure 925 sterling silver will weight approzimately 40 grams.

Please do not be fooled by many internet merchants claiming to sell Tiffany & Co Replicas at Grade AAAAA. They usually sells at Grade B level products to their customer claiming that it Grade AAAAA. You could also get assistance on Tiffany & Co Replicas information at Live Chat support.

The reason why only Grade AAAAA Tiffany & Co Replicas made of 100% 925 sterling silver on our website is because we believe in a long term customer relationship and we are so sure you will come back to buy more 925 sterling silver Tiffany & Co Replica from us. Thanks again and hear you soon on your testimonial on our product.

The well known Grade AAAAA Tiffany Replicas

Whenever you see Grade AAAAA, this is the best of the best grade of Tiffany & Co Replicas in the market today and they can never get better than this. These jewelry are classified as Grade AAAAA, is due to the 100% 925 Sterling silver used in the production, which is the exact material used to make the Tiffany & Co jewelry.

In general, this Grade AAAAA Tiffany & Co Replicas feel, look and weight exactly the same as the original Tiffany jewelry. They have all the relevant Tiffany stamps, watermarks at the exact places that looks just like the original Tiffany jewelry. These Tiffany & Co Replicas are also stamped with the 925 mark on the product to cerify that it is made of 925 sterling silver. Basically, you just need to know that these best grade Tiffany Replicas are almost indistinguishable from the original jewelry.

Pure 925 sterling silver Tiffany & Co Replicas, like all 925 sterling silver products will tarnish when not in regular use and exposed to oxygen for a long period of time. However, its shine can easily be restored using a silver polishing cloth or a non-abrasive cloth. What a customer need to do is gently rub and clean it with the cloth without any water. These best grade replicas are often on auction sites such as EBAY as an original product. And innocent buyers can never tell the difference. If you want to bust these Grade AAAAA 100% 925 sterling silver Tiffany & Co Replicas, please visit

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jewelry Purchases Increasing in U.S

A market research carried out from Research and Makets Co.Ltd indicated that, half of all American purchased jewelry or watches in 2007. The spending for jewelry range from $57.4 billion, which is 7.2 percent higher than 2004.

The study, "jewelry Report 2007 Update: The Who, What, Where, How Much and Why of Jewelry Shopping," finds out that women in their age of 20s to 50s with better and higher income represent the main contribution for the jewelry market.

The Study examines trends in both costume jewelry and fine jewelry for both sexes. In the fine jewelry segment, it includes information about the different types of metals and gemstones used in the jewelry.

Data about the different types of jewelry available in the market is also produced byu the research.There is also a part where it shows the motivating factors for male and female jewelry pachasers. Male purchase jewelry mainly due to his love ones, while female usually purchase jewelry due to her asthestic purpose. The study also examines where do these consumers choose to purchase their aesthetic. And surprisingly, internet sales make up a big pie of it.

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Looking back to Tiffany's Profits Drop in 2004

A quick flash back for year 2004. Dow Jones reported that Tiffany & Co. almost have an 100% percent increase in net income for that year due to the popular product, Aber Diamond Corp. However, the shares and profit margins continued to reduce.

Tiffany & Co products are getting more popular in developing countries where spending power is strong.However, what causes a rebound of net profit? After looking through the profit and lost statement for Tiffany & Co, a high inventory cost in the precious metal and diamonds accounted for the shrinking profit margins. In additional, other factors affecting gross margins included a drop in sales due to a higher selling price, and lower margin in diamond jewelry section. The weak sales in Japan's Tiffany & Co also further reduces the profit. To add on, the import tariffs on Tiffany & Co products maunfactured in United States are high, and thus causes lower profit in Tiffany & Co.

Among all the category of products, Tiffany & Co's pearls was the only one category that showed growth and increasing profits. Eventhough, there seem to be a slow projected profit in Tiffany & Co, their silver products are still as popular ever it got started in year 1837. For more information of good Tiffany & Co products, do visit

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tiffany and Co inside story on silver and diamond!

Whenever it comes to silver jewelry stores, no outlet comes close or competitive to the name Tiffany’s and Co. Tiffany’s and Co has created an image where girls are crazy over their 925 sterling silver and most dream of getting the little blue box from their love ones.

Tiffany’s and Co has benefited from their well known designer like Elsa Peretti. This "brand image" has created a great impact into our modern life. Many people visit Tiffany’s and Co because they believe they are the best when they wear the silver.

Why settle for anything than Tiffany’s and Co? That’s the reply from most the ladies these days. Tiffany’s and Co had built a fantastic business.

But from a customer point of view, customers are actually buying a name of Tiffany’s and Co. The diamonds that Tiffany’s and Co are selling can be purchase at a fraction of the price elsewhere. The mark up could be as high as 70%. It really wonders how Tiffany’s and Co built their brand!

To add on, Tiffany’s and Co now grades their diamonds in-house. This mean that the grading report is all generated by Tiffany’s and Co themselves, no longer an independent lab or appraiser. Tiffany’s and Co told the public that their appraisals are as strict as AGS or GIA, but this is reported not to be true. Obviously, they know that the higher grades the diamond appraises, the higher the cost will be.

Tiffany’s and Co jewelry are beautiful. Tiffany’s engagement rings are stunning and it will never stop woman looking at it. Diamond industry is worth a ton of money and Tiffany’s and Co is certainly making the most of it.

After reading till now, it will be a good idea on looking in to other source of places to obtain the inspired design of silver. You can find far better jewelry at a fraction of the price and hopefully your special some and your wallet will thanks me!

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