Friday, December 28, 2007

Updates for Elsa Peretti

In year 1974, Elsa Peretti had been a popular jewelry designer for Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti holds her principle by producing good quality 925 silver rather than plated metal. Elsa Peretti designs are limited. Therefore, there is huge demand of her 925 silver. When she joined Tiffany & Co, she told the press that she designs for the working class lady. Elsa Peretti objective is to design according to one’s financial possibilities. During that time, one of her lowest selling 925 silver is $33. Could you imagine how popular Elsa Peretti’s product is?

If you are comparing the price with mass-produced costume jewelry available in those department stores, it will be usually twice as expensive. However, Elsa Peretti’s design is just worth more than the additional $15.

Elsa Peretti uses nature as inspiration for her jewelry designs. This is a popular theme of jewelry which yet any designer had come out with. Elsa Peretti’s most popular recognizable jewelry design is the open puffed heart. This jewelry design is make up of 925sterling silver and karate gold. The other 2 popular designs are Diamonds by the Yard and Pearls by the Yard.

In 1971, Elsa Peretti was awarded the American Fashion Critics. Elsa Peretti has received the CFDA Accessory Designer of the year 1996 and also awarded the President’s Fellow award from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Even till date, Elsa Peretti is still as popular as before. And Elsa Peretti shall always be remembering in the trade of jewelry design.

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