Sunday, January 25, 2009

Comparison between Tiffany replica and Tiffany jewelry

The economy of many continents are in a deep financial crisis. It has come to a point that this issue is starting to sting our wallets. The standard of living is getting more expensive, yet our payslips are downsized. You worry about living, while your spouse is breathing down your neck about all the trivial things like birthdays, valentine day etc.

Before the crisis bring further damage to your family and love life, we are here to help you salvage it. Here's a solution: buy replica jewelry for your important occasions. It needs to be glamorous, it needs to be classy, most important it needs to be cheap.

Here we are suggesting 3 top sellers of Tiffany & co products. Total savings can go up to 300%... here they are:
1) Return to Tiffany™ double heart pendant
2) Elsa Peretti® OPEN HEART pendant
3) Heart tag toggle bracelet

1)Return to Tiffany™ double heart pendant

Product Information
With this popular Tiffany motif, one is never lost. Double heart detachable pendant in sterling silver. On an 18" chain.

Tiffany is selling US $225 (link)
Replica shops are selling US$ 60 (link)

2)Elsa Peretti® OPEN HEART pendant

Product Information
Elsa Peretti® OPEN HEART pendant, MEDIUM SIZE a. Sterling silver, on a 16" chain. Original designs copyrighted by Elsa Peretti.

Tiffany is selling US $200 (link)
Replica shops are selling US$ 60 (link)

3)Heart tag toggle bracelet

Product Information
Heart tag charm toggle bracelet. Sterling silver. 7.5" long.

Tiffany is selling US $290 (link)
Replica shops are selling US$ 103 (link)

So start saving more by selling more.
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