Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The legend of Elsa Peretti

Elsa Peretti is well known for her 925 silver designs in Tiffany & Co. Many die hard fans are fascinated by the creativity of Elsa Peretti. The silver designs by Elsa Peretti have slowly become an icon of Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti’s designs have greatly inspired many jewelry fanatics. Beneath this, we shall discuss some of the significant contribution of Elsa Peretti that brought to Tiffany & Co.
Elsa Peretti is born in Italy in 1st May 1940. Elsa Peretti was raised in Florence, Italy. During that time, Elsa Peretti and her family are considered wealthy. Elsa Peretti’s parents are able to send her to an institute for her diploma in interior design. In 1960, she moved to New York, where Elsa Peretti began her silver jewelry design career. At first, Elsa Peretti work with some of the top designers and gain experience from it. One of the famous master that she followed before is Giorgio di Sant’Angelo, Oscar De La Renta and Halston from Tiffany.
Some of Elsa Peretti works includes “Teardrop” necklaces and “Thumb” Vases in white, apples, beans, bones, hearts, scorpions, shells, snakes, and teardrops in 1970s are the best seller’s items, and are still in high demand in today market.
“Style is to be simple”, said by Elsa Peretti. Elsa Peretti works are often inspired by nature. Therefore, creating items that are luxurious and organic in shape, just like the natural. The great thing about Elsa Peretti is that they work in both modern and traditional setting.
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