Friday, January 9, 2009

Interesting facts about tiffany and co.

Very interesting facts about Tiffany and co.

I did a search on tiffany and co on, and i found some interesting insights

1) "Tifinie" is used in Old French to mean "Epiphany." Tiffany is a name given to mostly American girls, it became popular during the early 1980s. The stereotype that comes with the name is a sexy cheerleader type, or sexy girl.

2) Tiffany is greek meaning the appearance of God.

3) Tiffany's are usually very loyal and intellegant people whom usually doesn't trust many guys. She usually has many acquintances, but very few best friends. They are always opened minded and always have to be entertained or be having a good time. Most of time Tiffany's stay single and flirt around.

4) a sweet innocent little blonde or brunette girl. very intelligent and usually very pretty with a sexy boyfriend who has a great lil boo boo.

... and so on...until i saw this:

9) "Tiffany" is the act of getting your testicles getting caught in your zipper...

This is where i know sucks.

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Tiffany Heart Tag toggle link necklace & Heart tag toggle bracelet

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Tiffany Heart Tag toggle set

You can buy this as a set, with necklace and bracelet, as they go well together. below are some images that you can visualize. What i would define piece of jewelry as elegant and yet not too loud. That's what i love about Tiffany designs.

Heart Tag toggle link necklace. Sterling silver, 16" long.
There is only one line of words that says "Tiffany & Co 925" at the top of the heart.

Price: $162.90


Heart tag toggle bracelet.
Sterling silver. 7.5" long.

Price: $102.90


Now lets visualise with a pretty girl how she will look like if she wears the set.
I would call upon my favourite model: Scarlett Johansson

If you are a woman with fair skin, and have nice cleavage, most importantly with a chiseled face like Scarlett Johansson, you are suited to wear Tiffany Heart Tag toggle. Because the chain will bring out the glow on your skin. The tiffany toggle also softens the corners of your curves. Hopefully, you can steal her aura by wearing the same Heart Tag toggle.

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