Thursday, November 27, 2008

The New Tiffany & Co rings

Take a look at some of the new design that Tiffany & Co are selling. Some of the popular name are Paloma's Calife ring, Elsa Peretti Round Ring and Oval signet ring. They have a nice finishing surface and design which make thousands of lady fall in love. Silver Urban had posted some picture for your reference. And Silver Urban are trying to get the new design for our loyal customers. enjoy the picture.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Silver Urban Video

We are proud to present our first video introduction of our video. (come on...we are still new in making video, we promise to come out with better video and sound clip on our future video, but at the moment, please relax and enjoys the design of The Tiffany & Co.

Happy thanks giving day!

Silver Urban Vs Tiffany & Co

People are telling us that replica products will never be as good as the authentic products like Tiffany & Co. As a remarks from that, Silver Urban would like to take this opportunity to show you some of our replica products quality. PLEASE do not say that we used good camera and photoshop for editing. The pictures that you see is all taken by normal camera.(5.1 mega pixel)

Enjoy the picture...Thank you

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tiffany&Co - Blue is the Color of Dreams

The Tiffany Box Project

Tiffany commercial video

Graduation Gift

Every student most wanted day will be his or her graduation day on it high school or university day. That is usually known as convocation for the ceremony. During that day of graduation, a lot of friends and family will be buying graduation gifts for the graduating person.

Graduation gifts usually range from a wide selection of items. Some are expensive and some are cheaper. One example of an expensive gift will be a businessman giving his son a new Ferrari sports car during his graduation. Other premium and yet affordable gift will be a classy jewellery from Tiffany & Co. However, a piece of Tiffany & Co is still costly for a normal friend who wish to get it for their close friend. Therefore, a grade AAAAA Tiffany & Co replica jewellery would be a good option. These graduation gifts from Tiffany & Co range from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and cuff link.

Here at, we offer a very wide range of selection of 925 sterling silver replica designer costumes jewelry. There is a library collection of 500 over design that can be present during the graduation. Most importantly, it’ll be unlikely that you will bust your budget when you shop in silver urban. All 925 sterling silver Tiffany & Co products come with a set of Tiffany & Co Box, Tiffany & Con jewelry pouch, Tiffany & Co care card and Tiffany & Co paper bag. Our product will just make your friend feel that you actually purchased from the Tiffany & Co boutique.

Christmas 08 is coming... ... gift ideas

Every 25th of the December is the day for joyful celebration and giving. This day is known as The Christmas Day, which originated after the birth of Jesus. There are millions of people globally celebrating this important festive. It is also an annual holiday in most of the countries in the world.

The Christmas Day is one special day where people exchanges or give gifts to their love ones. Therefore, we can see that at the year end, many retailers or e-tailers are busy promoting their season products to the consumers. There are a lot of gifts that available in the market. One of the popular products would be Silver Jewelry from Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Co is a renowned brand for their fine 925 sterling silver jewelry.

Even though Christmas is a enjoyable festive, there is always a headache for busy people like the professional to go shopping for their Christmas presents. Therefore, one of the solutions is to purchase the presents via online. There are so many people that you are going to give. Some of the specials people are your life long partner, children, parents, cousins, aunties, grandparent, relatives, best friend, school mates and the list just keep going... ... You got to spend a lot of time online to search for the gifts.

The GOOD NEWS is , you can actually just visit to simplify the brainstorming process for the Christmas gifts. There are over 600 designs of 925 sterling silver jewelry for you to choose. These products range from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflink, key ring, money clips and many more. All items are come in both male and females design.

Your Christmas shopping can never be so easy by shopping online at and having the presents shipped directly to your door step! In addition, the whole entire collection of 925 sterling silver replica tiffany & Co jewelry comes with a classic beautiful baby blue Tiffany & Co gift box, a pouch and a shopping bag! YES... ... all items are ready to ship in the next day!

Lastly, a merry Christmas greeting from team Silver Urban.

Merry Christmas:)

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