Thursday, January 8, 2009

Actress Scarlett Johansson wearing Tiffany Venetian Link bracelet

I was browsing around the web and found something interesting. One of my favorite actress Scarlett Johansson was wearing tiffany venetian link bracelet down the red carpet in the latest Golden Globes award.

Then it struck me that I could steal some of her fame and beauty by wearing her Tiffany too! On Silver Urban, they have lots of tiffany bracelets which are also very posh as well. best of all, its all inspired tiffany. Well, i searched through the site and found the item Scarlett Johansson was wearing.

Heres the product: Tiffany Venetian Link bracelet

Product Information
Venetian Link bracelet. Sterling silver, 7.5" long.

Price: $60.90

I stole her glam and beauty today! Visit to shop and pamper yourself!