Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tiffany and Co inside story on silver and diamond!

Whenever it comes to silver jewelry stores, no outlet comes close or competitive to the name Tiffany’s and Co. Tiffany’s and Co has created an image where girls are crazy over their 925 sterling silver and most dream of getting the little blue box from their love ones.

Tiffany’s and Co has benefited from their well known designer like Elsa Peretti. This "brand image" has created a great impact into our modern life. Many people visit Tiffany’s and Co because they believe they are the best when they wear the silver.

Why settle for anything than Tiffany’s and Co? That’s the reply from most the ladies these days. Tiffany’s and Co had built a fantastic business.

But from a customer point of view, customers are actually buying a name of Tiffany’s and Co. The diamonds that Tiffany’s and Co are selling can be purchase at a fraction of the price elsewhere. The mark up could be as high as 70%. It really wonders how Tiffany’s and Co built their brand!

To add on, Tiffany’s and Co now grades their diamonds in-house. This mean that the grading report is all generated by Tiffany’s and Co themselves, no longer an independent lab or appraiser. Tiffany’s and Co told the public that their appraisals are as strict as AGS or GIA, but this is reported not to be true. Obviously, they know that the higher grades the diamond appraises, the higher the cost will be.

Tiffany’s and Co jewelry are beautiful. Tiffany’s engagement rings are stunning and it will never stop woman looking at it. Diamond industry is worth a ton of money and Tiffany’s and Co is certainly making the most of it.

After reading till now, it will be a good idea on looking in to other source of places to obtain the inspired design of silver. You can find far better jewelry at a fraction of the price and hopefully your special some and your wallet will thanks me!

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