Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jewelry Purchases Increasing in U.S

A market research carried out from Research and Makets Co.Ltd indicated that, half of all American purchased jewelry or watches in 2007. The spending for jewelry range from $57.4 billion, which is 7.2 percent higher than 2004.

The study, "jewelry Report 2007 Update: The Who, What, Where, How Much and Why of Jewelry Shopping," finds out that women in their age of 20s to 50s with better and higher income represent the main contribution for the jewelry market.

The Study examines trends in both costume jewelry and fine jewelry for both sexes. In the fine jewelry segment, it includes information about the different types of metals and gemstones used in the jewelry.

Data about the different types of jewelry available in the market is also produced byu the research.There is also a part where it shows the motivating factors for male and female jewelry pachasers. Male purchase jewelry mainly due to his love ones, while female usually purchase jewelry due to her asthestic purpose. The study also examines where do these consumers choose to purchase their aesthetic. And surprisingly, internet sales make up a big pie of it.

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