Monday, December 15, 2008

More about Replica Tiffany Jewelry

Luxury goods are highly demand from the consumer. This industry worth billions of dollar worldwide, and the products are increasing every year. One of the well knows branded products would be Tiffany & Co, which are well known for its stylish design in jewelry. Therefore, it would not be surprise that many manufacturers are trying to immediate the products and sell it to consumer at a lower price. These products are usually known as Replica Tiffany Jewelry.

So what is replica Tiffany jewelry? There are mainly two kinds of replica Tiffany jewelry in the market. One example would be a replica jewelry that was copied exactly from the real Tiffany Jewelry, while the other replica tiffany jewelry are manufactured by using designs inspired by the Tiffany & Co Design.

In detail, the first replica Tiffany jewelry, manufacturer aims to make 100% exact copy of the original Tiffany & Co items. These kinds of replica Tiffany Jewelry investment are high as manufacturers have to purchase the original Tiffany Jewelry and use it as the mould for it replica tiffany production. This kind of replica normally have the Tiffany & Co watermarks engraved on the exact place, just like the original Tiffany & Co jewelry.

Looks do deceive! Even though the replica Tiffany Jewelry looks exactly 100% the same as the original Tiffany & Co, the material used might not be the same. The original Tiffany & Co jewelry are made of 100% 925 sterling silver. However, replica Tiffany & Co might use other materials to replace the high cost of 925 sterling silver.

70% of the Replica Tiffany Jewelry manufacturers will use alloys that made up of Stainless steel to produce their Replica Tiffany Jewelry. And the rest of 25% uses brass or copper alloys to produce the jewelry. As for the remaining 5 % of the manufacturer will use 100% 925 sterling silver to produce their Replica Tiffany Jewelry. One of the 5% manufacturers would be Silver Urban. The feeling of our Replica Tiffany Jewelry would be almost 99.9% same. The weight and fees would be the same as compare to the original Tiffany Jewelry. They can hardly be differentiated from the original ones!

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