Thursday, December 13, 2007

What are the consideration of a good replica product?

Colour of Quality Replica Silver

Checking is to the appearance colour of the silver is one of the simplest methods to judge the quality of the replica silver. To make sure that its quality is good, it must be appealing from every aspect and facet of the silver. No corners should be chipped or worn off on the replica silver. Silver colour must be uniformly white, and it must not be too shiny. If coated silver which are only skin deep, the colour will appear to be lighter and this replica silver will appear to be shinier.

Texture of Quality Replica Silver

A tell tale sign of having a quality replica silver is to check for the thickness of all angles. When you notice that some areas are actually thicker than another. High chance that the silver is metal coated. Remember, what you are buying is sterling 925 quality replica silver, not .15 to .25 mils thickness of gold, silver or nickel which is plated to the surface of the base metal, which is usually brass or nickel.

Weight of Quality Replica Silver

Weight of the sterling silver also plays a part in identifying quality replica silver. As mentioned above, silver plated replicas have brass or nickel base metal. This means they are substantially much lighter than sterling 925 silver. So keep in mind that it must have be heavier when held in your palm.

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